SaberMach is a Singapore brand, focusing on building high quality combat illuminated lightsabers. All SaberMach products are manufactured in-house and made for one purpose – combat dueling. The ergonomic design of each saber provides the saberlist with maximum comfort while dueling. We offer highly detailed custom designed acrylic saber display cases as well.

The Conquistador

Adept Series Combat Lightsabers:

This is the entry level saber for all saberlist(Saber duelist). Choose any of our designs and have the choice of either a blue, red, green, amber, orange red as the main colour of your blade. This is also a stunt version which means that there is no sound effects. All sabermach sabers are extremely bright and uses the best LEDs in the market. Comes with a 3.7V charger and a single li-ion battery. Choice of blade length, 29″ or 36″. (Starts at $299SGD)

The Sonorogue

Expert series:

“Expert” is a mid – range level for all serious saberlist. Comes in blue, red, green, amber, orange red as the main colour of blade. Saber has basic sound effects. Provides in hilt charging without removing the battery. Simply plug the charger jack into the external charging port of the saber.
(Starts at $499SGD)

The Black Vantage

Master series:

“Master” offers the complete ultimate combat saber experience. It has 6 different sets of sound fonts. Features “flash on clash” effect – flashes a white light when 2 sabers clashes together during dueling. The RGRB(Red, green, royal blue) LEDs provide 6 different lightsaber colours on the saber hilt
(Starts at $699SGD)

You can order your SaberMach lightsabers at their website:




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