Kit Sabers



Kit Sabers’ lightsabers are 100% handcrafted. Starting out with PVC hilts in 2010, Kit Sabers now does aluminium sabers as well as PVC ones, which, surprisingly, are quite in demand.

Avispa – for the fencer in you

Kit Sabers’ lightsabers costs ranges from SGD100 to more than $500 depending on the material used, optional sounds and the bells & whistles.

Knight of the Empire

Kit Sabers not only make lightsabers from the known Star Wars universe, but also from other popular cultures like anime and tokusatsu shows. An example is the Kagemitsu G4 used by the character, Kirito, from the anime, Sword Art Online.

Kagemitsu G4

You can also submit your design to Kit Sabers and have them create your very own custom lightsabers.
You can contact Kit Sabers on his Facebook page for orders: