FightSaber SBH

HobbyCon 2018

FightSaber Sabah once again were present and performed at this year's HobbyCon held at the ITCC Penampang on the 8th & 9th of December. Check out FightSaber Sabah's performance below.

FightSaber SBH

Hobbycon 2017

Only 2 years and already a permanent fixture at Hobbycon. FightSaber Sabah once again was the main highlight of Hobbycon 2017. With a performance and Saber School for the kids on both days of Hobbycon, it was fun for everyone. Thank you to the organisers of Hobbycon for giving FightSaber Sabah the opportunity to put… Continue reading Hobbycon 2017

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Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Star Wars Characters

On 16th November, 112 people, including our friends from 501st Legion Singapore Garrison, Cathar Base Singapura & Galactic Academy Hosnian Prime,and ourselves, got together at The Centrepoint to set a new record in the Singapore Book of Records for the Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Star Wars Characters. Our brethren from FightSaber Sabah, Master… Continue reading Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Star Wars Characters

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FightSaber Announces Re-organization of FightSaber Malaysia