FightSaber SG

The Force Awakens 30 Day Countdown

Disney & Lucasfilm invited the fan groups in Singapore to grace the 30-day countdown to the Force Awakens and also the start of the IMAX 3D ticket sales at Shaw House in November.
And this is the first time that our new member, Kylo Ren, made an official public appearance.

Kylo Ren using the Force to devastating effect

Apart from ourselves, the 501st Legion Singapore Garrison and the Rebel Legion Cathar Outpost were also present to make sure that all the fan groups are represented.

Members of FightSaber together with members of Rebel Legion Cathar Outpost

This is not be the first time that the 3 fan groups made an appearance together and definitely will not be the last.
We can’t wait for the movie to come out.

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