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FightSaber @ STGCC 2014

The past weekend was once again Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention and FightSaber once again performed at the coolest event of the year!
FightSaber has performed at STGCC before in 2012, and this year was our 2nd time on stage at STGCC.

Backstage photo of this year’s performing team!

With Hot Toys getting the license to produce Star Wars collectibles, this year’s STGCC almost resembles a Star Wars Celebration with the massive Hot Toys booth, which is next to the 501st & Rebel Legion booth, greeting visitors to the convention as they enter.

FightSaber members posing in front of the massive Hot Toys booth featuring armoured Star Wars characters

At every convention, there will be bound to be con-goers dressed in Star Wars costumes and STGCC 2014 is no different. We came across a few of them and we expect there will be even more as we anticipate the latest film in the Star Wars franchise.

A Jedi straggler we found, safe from the clutches of the Sith and the Empire.

We’d also like to congratulate the Cathar Outpost – Rebel Legion Singapore for finally establishing an outpost out here in the Outer Rim territories. We look forward to hopefully working together with you guys!

Our founder with the CO of the Cathar Outpost – Rebel Legion Singapore

Here is a video of our performance at STGCC 2014!

We hope to be able to be a part of this awesome convention again next year. Until then, may the Foce be with you.
For more photos, click here.

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