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9th Jakarta Toys & Comic Fair

9th Jakarta Toys & Comic Fair 2013

FightSaber Indonesia, alongside the good men and women from Jakarta Saber appeared at the 9th Jakarta Toys & Comic Fair which was held on 9-10 March 2013 and together, both these groups organized and hosted the lightsaber tournament there.


Teams from FightSaber Indonesia, Jakarta Saber & Urban Jedi from Bandung all participated in the lightsaber tournament where they pit their skills in lightsaber choreography & lightsaber spinning against each other.

 photo 301634_559062094125225_1877204723_n_zps78722fc9.jpg
 photo 734034_559062160791885_594045986_n_zps490e2645.jpg
 photo 381641_559061824125252_59709098_n_zps770abd9d.jpg
 photo 69266_559061777458590_291552090_n_zps95c6dba1.jpg
 photo 576818_559062024125232_1187821083_n_zps7e170ce3.jpg

For more pictures click here.

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