FightSaber SG

Training with Ludosport LSCA Roma

Our founder was in Italy and dropped by a Ludosport LSCA class in Rome.
He couldn’t pass up the opportunity to swing around a lightsaber, even when he’s on holiday.

Here are some photos from the class.

 photo PC094933_zps3alqcwhr.jpg
 photo PC094954_zps6eqpjq7y.jpg
 photo PC094955_zpsc53t3j0r.jpg
 photo PC094959_zpsqwsjhnjx.jpg
 photo PC094977_zpsu9qhiwxz.jpg
 photo PC094983_zpsbml0utnr.jpg



Thank you Ugo and the members of Ludosport LSCA Roma for the opportunity!

 photo PC095005_zpsgkilhakr.jpg
 photo PC095006_zpskoqusa7y.jpg

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