FightSaber welcomes the Zin Jedi into the family

Last weekend, the Zin Jedi has been inducted into the FightSaber family as a satellite team.
The Zin Jedi will continue to operate autonomously as they have always done.

The Zin Jedi are a martial arts group from Brunei which focuses on practicing Lightsaber combat as a martial art, and at the same time aims to promote the group as a Lightsaber battle choreograph group.

The Zin Jedi does not engage in actual sparring, but rather controlled movements and the practice of those attacks known as Velocities. Velocities, are controlled but unscripted sparring in which the aim is to expose your opponents defence. This requires great skill, reflex and restraint on the Jedi practitioners part and after several amounts of training then can they achieve the break-neck speed of the Jedi.

Find out more about them on their website.