FightSaber SG

Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2011

FightSaber SG made an appearance at the recent Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention(STGCC).

Although they were not performing on stage, they brought their demos to the floors in the convention hall and as well as providing photo opportunities for their fans and fans of lightsabers alike.

Our biggest fan at the con is probably the littlest one. Lil Darth Vader, seen in the picture below with his father.
According to his father, Burhanudin Buang or Brader Bo, a local radio DJ, Aydrean(Lil Vader) has broken three plastic Hasbro sabers while duelling with him. Brader Bo also has suggested that lil Aydrean join FightSaber when he grows up.

You can view more pictures of FightSaber SG @ STGCC 2011 here.

Do watch out for next year’s STGCC as there will be a pleasant surprise for all of you. And yes, it involves FightSaber.

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