FightSaber MY, FightSaber SG

Recent & Upcoming Happenings

FightSaber SG recently had an epic performance at Fairmont Hotel Ballroom, Singapore  for the Yum! Brands, Inc. Champions’ Club. Many thanks to Amal of Moezik Events International for the gig. Oh, by the way, Moe Alkaff is an amazing guy! We’ll be getting the performance video up soon but here’s a picture of the performance to keep you salivating for more. Many thanks to Jimmy Loh of the 501st Singapore Garrison(they made an appearance too!) for the awesome photo.

FightSaber SG will also make an appearance at the upcoming Start of Year Cosplay event or SOY C on the 9th of April 2011.

Edit: FightSaber SG will be having 3 performances on 9th April 2011 at Funan for the Funan Cosplay Engage 2011

Meanwhile, across the Causeway, FightSaber MY is busy preparing for two performances in the upcoming months including the Bunkasai Festival organised by the UNMC Japanese Society on the 26th of March 2011 and the C2AGE 2011 on the 21st and 22nd May 2011.